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Go Green Ranger Go!

Aug 23, 2009   //   by Josh   //   Uncategorized  //  2 Comments

Got another unit in the works, so here’s a WIP update.

Green units are rangers, with ranged attacks, nothing new other than some cool animations, flying projectiles (that collide on impact), and a few more bats to have fun with.

Mechanics of this encounter are still in progress along with the ability framework. Check back soon for some awesome ability action!

Green Ranger Go!

Green Ranger Go!


  • Oooo! Wish I had a blocky blue bow =)

    I like that an arrow-shot is not a guaranteed arrow-hit. I had a hard time at first because I couldn’t get the guys to move — later I realized I was trying to drag them by doing the arrow thing on their oval handle… can you add that sprite to the hit test? Is it possible for the bats to agro on the archer when hit with an arrow? That way you’d have to use your fighter guys to protect the archer, rather than letting him snipe the bats. It might be time to implement collision avoidance with your units.

    The animations are very smooth!

  • Yeah, the things you mention are probably the next logical steps in game progression. With too many units, they get lost and it’s hard to control because of the overlap.

    Aggro management is something I want to do as well… I think having the red warrior’s “taunt” ability implemented should be a catalyst for the aggro system. I also need targetable attacks instead of being based strictly off proximity.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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