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HexDev on Kongregate

Oct 26, 2011   //   by Josh   //   Games  //  2 Comments

Attention loyal supporters of HexDev!


Ahem, ok, so I made the link to HexDev at the top point directly to the game on Kongregate.  This will help me save some web space and generate a bit of revenue (hahahaha), ahem… as I keep developing.  At some point, if Kongregate supports the Shared Content API for Unity, I’m ready to integrate it into the game so people can share custom maps.  Someday I may have to write my own content sharing API if they don’t deliver.

Here’s where you come in!  If you have a Kongregate account, I need a few more votes on the game to see how people like it so far.  The problem with Kongregate is that once games fall off the “new” list, they never get seen again, unless they are 5/5 star games which make the front page.  But at the same time, that makes sense for their business because a lot of garbage and prototype stuff gets put there, so they have to.

So, long story short:

  1. Go vote for HexDev on Kongregate! (so I can see the score)
  2. If you dislike this change for any reason, comment below so I can reconsider the change.



  • Shout out to the crickets! I like the sounds. …the sounds added to the game, not the crickets. There needs to be sliders to set the volume of the background music vs effects, but you know that =) Graveyards should spawn undead things. Every time you die and respawn, there’s should be a new body that can rise from the dead! Also, if I respawn in the graveyard, does that mean that *I’m* a zombie?

  • Thanks Alex! Adjustable volume is a good idea (and a good idea for the first thing in the Settings menu!)
    Graveyards should totally spawn undead things, and I have the skeleton models from Endurance Trials. I’ll work on that.
    Yes,*you* are a zombie (but no one else is when they die).

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