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Ludum Dare 22: The Wizard Apprentice

Dec 19, 2011   //   by Josh   //   Games, Unity3D  //  No Comments

So this weekend, starting Saturday evening, I decided I was going to enter Ludum Dare 22 and try to hammer out a game in less than 48 hours! ¬†Being a husband and father, I found it very difficult to actually get a lot of time spent on this, so I would say in total I had about 16 hours of committed time on this project, so all things considered, I think it was a pretty good run for it’s worth. ¬†And it was fun!

Play: The Wizard Apprentice

Things I would have liked to do if I had the full 48 hours of dedication:

  • Sound!
  • Textured walls
  • Animated Avatar
  • Cleaner controls
  • Better GUI
  • More Magic (but he’s only an apprentice).

But hey, with such strict time limitations, not a whole lot you can do, so without further ado, go enjoy The Wizard Apprentice!

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