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New HexDev Tiles!

Oct 20, 2011   //   by Josh   //   Games  //  No Comments

In the last week or so, I’ve been extremely busy with other things, but managed to implement 2 new Tiles with 2 new game mechanics! :)


Game Mechanic: Poison AoE
Description: Swamps are poisonous tiles that deal damage over time while the user is within the noxious gas that the tile emits.  Don’t linger too long!
Future Mechanic: Possibly adding a mob spawner or an item spawner to give players a reason to enter swamps.


Game Mechanic:  Obstruction
Description: Mountains are simply “pretty” obstructions” that prevent players from passing through the tile.  This allows TileSet designers to create divides or paths that the player must walk around or through.

Until next time!  Happy Hexing!

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