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The Wizard Apprentice Saga Begins!

Dec 22, 2011   //   by Josh   //   Games, Unity3D  //  No Comments

Ludum Dare was really an eye opening experience for me.  I had a ton of fun and I’m getting an amazing amount of feedback from the indie gamedev community, which is fantastic!  I think as a result of the experience, I’m going to continue developing “The Wizard Apprentice” prototype into a more feature-full game.  I love doing the level and puzzle design, and dropping the assets in and playing with them is really a blast!  I’m not going to abandon HexDev, but it’s currently sitting on my back burner.

I decided to run with the concept, and fix a lot of things, keeping some of the puzzles the same, rewriting some, and adding a lot more content.  I’m probably going to rename the game, because the name is too generic and I literally decided on the name in the last 10 minutes of the competition while I was submitting my entry. :D

I’ve done a couple of things so far, worth mentioning, so here’s a glimpse:

  • I’m revamping the way my modelling in Blender was done, so I have cleaner transitions and better control over connections like the stairwell.
  • Opened up the room depth, taking full advantage of the “octagonal space” on each floor.
  • Stairwells no longer require a turn halfway through (I’m not sure if this will make it harder or easier, but so far I like the new style better)
  • Adding Toon-Style shading where appropriate
  • Fixed some camera angle issues to give better depth perspective.  (may tweak this some more)

Lots more to come!  Stay tuned!

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